Mutual Thai massage with oils

The masseuse totally naked with body and body

Thai massage at the fully nude masseuse makes a melee massage, an experience that will cover all your corners to break free from tensions.

This massage oil is based on unlocking the SEN lines (energy channels) through pressure and stretching, as taught by the ancient practices of oriental massage. To get the right effect in this release massage therapist uses his whole body and body weight, making it an easy form of physical therapy to apply and very effective both in the prevention and treatment of numerous ailments. In this massage essential oils 3 different types of aromatic oils are used to complete your relaxation. If you seek a balance, this massage is perfect for you. Thai massage is a tantric massage that gets results beyond the body, balancing your mind and allowing your energy to flow correctly.


60 € / 30 min  100€ / 60 min  200 € / 120 min


  • Mutual Thai massage with oils :