Intense Mutual Hindu Massage

In the Hindu Chakras massage or massage the masseuse fully nude body massage makes a mutual body, it is our massage 4 STARS ****.

The Indian massage is a massage practice Ayurveda, related Hilot Filipino massage, which can choose between herbal pindas or hot towels for completion, plus our masseurs are experts in performing TECHNICAL THAI OIL AND BODY TO BODY BALINESE.

Indian mutual massage is a very relaxing massage based on traditional Hindu culture, it performed to cure both physical ailments as energy. diseases in this release chakral massage techniques ensuring greater relaxation of the patient, a related technique that manages to balance the chakras the energy generated by your body apply when the energy points of the body are blocked appear. To increase the effects and benefits of massage Chakra, our masseuses also apply WAT PO THAI STYLE techniques, MASSAGE FILIPINO AND HAWAIIAN Hilot. IT IS A MIXTURE OF FEELING UNIQUE!


150 € / 90 min   200 € / 120 min


  • Intense Mutual Hindu Massage :